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Triad Warning Service

UPG offer a TRIAD Warning Service to customers each Winter. Triads are the 3 periods of national maximum half hourly demand occurring each Winter, between 4-7pm, Monday to Friday, November to February and have to be separated by 10 clear days between each Triad. The National Grid TNUoS (Transmission Use of System) charge is based on your usage within these 3 half hourly periods.

Costs are estimated during the year and then reconciled the following April, at which point the savings from demand management during the Triad period can be realised. As an example the North West Half Hourly Demand Charge for 2016/17 is charged at £42.83 for every KW of Demand.

Only customers on pass through contracts can specifically reduce Transmission costs, however UPG can also assist customers on fixed contracts with year round load management, reporting and procurement advice to achieve savings.

UPG Triad History

  • For our Energy Only / Pass Through contract customers, UPG have operated a very successful Triad Warning Service for many years now. We look at a number of factors to determine whether to make a Triad call on a particular day such as National Demand figures at various times in the day, temperatures, total UK generation output, levels of import/export through the UK’s power interconnectors and historical patterns.

Key Triad Statistics

  • Triads typically occur Monday to Thursday and in the half hourly periods ending 17:30 and 18:00, but last year saw the first ever Friday Triad and the first ever Triad ending 18:30. By load managing during this 4-7pm, Weekday period, there is an added cost reduction bonus in the form of Peak Red/Super Red (EHV) Zone DUoS – Distribution Use of System Charges.

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