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P272 – Mandatory Half Hourly Metering Rollout

  • P272 is a mandatory industry change upgrading 05-08 profile class Non Half Hourly meters (and later 03-04 profiles) to Half Hourly metering. Your profile is the top left of your MPAN.


  • P272 will be implemented by 1 April 2017 or within 45 days of your next electric contract renewal, whichever date is earlier. There is also the requirement with Half Hourly metering for you to have MOP (Meter Operator) and DC (Data Collector) contracts in place. You can appoint your own MOP and DC, which is often cheaper than a supplier appointed MOP/DC.


  • If you have existing AMR (Automatic Meter Reading), it is likely this will be converted to a Half Hourly meter. The MOP is responsible for the installation (if necessary) and maintenance of your meter. Readings are taken automatically every 30 minutes and the DC retrieves this information from the meter. There is also a DA – “Data Aggregator” appointed by your energy supplier to collate and provide them with this information from the DC.


  • Whereas previously a single rate or Day/Night rate and standing charge would have been the norm on NHH billing, a new additional Capacity Charge element measured in kVA (kilo volt ampere) will be present on bills. The unit rate/s should fall as this element was previously included or at least accounted for within NHH rates, though not visibly on a bill.


  • The biggest benefit is the availability of automated half hourly data which provides accurate billing to your exact usage with no estimation. It also allows suppliers to price exactly to your usage profile, mitigating volume risk which should provide a unit rate reduction, however total costs due to the additional elements above may provide a net increase of decrease depending on your individual usage or profile. UPG will happily investigate this for you.


  • Analysis of this half hourly data can enable identification and amendment of peak time consumption patterns, help to identify machinery/processes causing unexpected spikes in usage and is very useful for pricing and tendering to suppliers to ensure accurate costings, budgets and forecasts.



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