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Triad Warning Service

UPG offer a TRIAD Warning Service to customers each Winter. Triads are the 3 periods of national maximum half hourly demand occurring each Winter, between 4-7pm, Monday to Friday, November to February and have to be separated by 10 clear days between each Triad. The National Grid TNUoS (Transmission Use of System) charge is based…
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Non Energy Split and UK Generation Mix

Commodity Costs – Purchased Energy including margin and losses incurred over networks Use of System Charges – TNUoS - High Voltage National Network, DUoS – Local Networks BSUoS – Covers National Grid’s day to day operating costs Environmental - RO – Funds Large Scale Renewable Generation, FIT – Small Generation. Energy Market Reform – CFD…
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P272 – Mandatory Half Hourly Metering Rollout

P272 is a mandatory industry change upgrading 05-08 profile class Non Half Hourly meters (and later 03-04 profiles) to Half Hourly metering. Your profile is the top left of your MPAN.   P272 will be implemented by 1 April 2017 or within 45 days of your next electric contract renewal, whichever date is earlier. There…
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